Teaching gloved hand-sex techniques at Vaginas for Curious Beginners.

Teaching gloved hand-sex techniques at Vaginas for Curious Beginners.

Title: Vaginas for Curious Beginners

Workshop Description: As sexual fluidity becomes less taboo, malleable sexual identities & experiences such as queerness & bicuriosity are making their way into people’s erotic make-ups, desires, and wonderings. However, getting to know someone’s vagina for the first time can be intimidating if you’ve never done so before, no matter what your personal anatomy is!

This workshop gives participants a tour of (cis*)female sexual anatomy & response including tips for clitoral & G-spot stimulation, cunnilingus techniques, how to use a strap-on harness & dildo, and provides a discussion space about what sexual fluidity means to you and your current & future partners.

This workshop is inspired by Yana’s own experience of not knowing what to do when she started exploring sex with (cis)female-bodied folks at the age of 20 after having previously identified as heterosexual and by the many questions she’s received from people going through similar sexual curiosity transitions since then.

Is this workshop for me? While Yana’s workshops typically strive for inclusion, this particular workshop is designed for (cis*)female-bodied women and/or (cis)male-bodied men exploring the (cis)female-bodied vagina for the first(ish) time. However, people of all bodies & genders & identities are welcome to attend with mindfulness paid to creating a safe space for those exploring sexual fluidity for themselves for the first(ish) time. Partners of the bicurious, queer, questioning, sexually fluid or otherwise are welcome as well! {Note! Identity is magical & complicated! If you have specific questions about whether or not this workshop is for you, please contact me!}.

*What does “cis” mean?

“Cis” is short for “cisgender” & comes from a Latin rootword meaning “of the same side”, denoting or relating to a person whose self-gender-identity conforms with the gender they were assigned at birth correspondingly to their anatomical sex; not transgender.


This workshop is perfect for… College students, Adults, Couples.

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All workshops are customizable to your particular group & goals. Workshops listed on this site are just a few examples of the sex & sexuality topics Yana is trained to teach & talk about so please contact her if you have a particular topic in mind.

Thank you!


“I left your workshop feeling empowered about my vulva! I left feeling more confident in explaining what I like or may like- especially the times that just showing doesn’t quite cut it. I appreciated your laughter throughout – I felt safe and comfortable to ask questions.

Thanks again for doing what you do. I’m not sure where I would have had the opportunity as an almost 30 year old person to go to a workshop like what you held, I’m grateful you’re doing it the way you are”.

– Vaginas for Curious Beginners, Oh My Sensuality Shop, October 2015

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