HEY EPIPHORA. The snarkiest & most reliable of sex toy reviewers. Also the woman behind the creation of this here website.

TRISTAN TAORMINO. Her book Opening Up is Yana’s all-time favorite and her relational bible. Yana wants to be Tristan.

CHARLIE GLICKMAN. His book The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure is promoted & referenced at many-a-workshop taught by Yana. Charlie also trained Yana in all things sex toys and anatomy when she was just a baby-sex-educator at Good Vibrations in 2008.

CAROL QUEEN. The reason Yana travelled to San Francisco. To intern at Carol’s Center for Sex & Culture. Carol’s progressive sex educational programming & attitude blew Yana’s mind. Carol connected her to Good Vibrations and her love of sex education and the rest is history.


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