Two years ago, I launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to fund the design & teaching of a custom consent-based, pleasure-positive sex & relationship education for the self-directed teens at LightHouse Holyoke.

Through gracious donations, we raised 50% of our $5,000 goal!

However, we could use some more financial help to…

  • compensate guest teachers who have been hired to teach lessons such as Sex & Social Media, Pleasure & Boundaries, and Consent & Gender curriculum in addition to our own lesson plans
  • purchase class materials
  • perhaps put my own teaching & curriculum-planning hourly rate over where it currently stands at $3/hr 🙂

As the summer ends, our curriculum is nearly 100% planned, thanks in no small part to my incredible intern Emma Bokhour! We are set to teach this 8-week, 16-class course come September.

Learn more about our class below, and please


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Sex, Love & Relationships Class Description: 

What does it take to have healthy romantic, intimate, and sexual relationships? In this class, we’ll tackle tough & taboo topics that are part of all of our lives like gender, sexuality, safer-sex, dating, and self-esteem with the mission of making them a little less tough.

Each week we’ll have class discussions & interactive activities about these topics, we’ll take some field trips together, and we’ll spend time with guest teachers who specialize in topics like social media & dating, communication for healthy relationships, self-care & body image, and how to make sense of our gender & sexuality identities.

Students in this class will learn how to make solid personal decisions about safer-sex, intimacy, dating, and love in a relaxed and supportive environment. All genders, sexualities, and levels of experience are welcome!


What is Consent-Based Sex Education?

Consent-based sex education understands that sex is about so much more than inserting a Tab A into a Tab B. Consent-based sex education believes that sex is about relating, negotiating, and setting boundaries; that sex is about emotions, identities, self-care and sexuality; and that sex is about so much more than just sex. Therefore, our sex education should be about more than just the risks of or abstaining from sex.

Consent-based sex education believes youth are entitled to the accurate and honest information they need to make safe and healthy decisions about themselves, their sexual identities, and their sexual and romantic experiences. And that consensual skills will make a lifelong positive impact.

The goal of this consent-based sex education curriculum is to meet youth where they’re at in their lives and relationships in an approachable & appropriate setting to help them break down the linguistic, mental & emotional barriers standing in the way of creating a culture of consensual communication at their schools, in their peer groups and for their future sexual explorations.

This integrative approach to youth sex education isn’t new and boasts some of the world’s best outcomes when it comes to teen sexual health, happiness and behavior. 

Yet this type of sex education is simply not funded by the U.S. government nor is it taught in our traditional schools. As a self-directed learning center, Lighthouse Holyoke is in a unique position to offer this (optional) type of sex & sexuality education to their teens. As an independently-funded non-profit, Lighthouse Holyoke is also enthusiastic and grateful for self-funded educators (like myself!) offering their services to their students.


Low on the Dough? Other Ways You Can Contribute:

Contemplating whether or not I have enough posters made for an upcoming consent workshop…

  • SHARE this page with both your personal and social media networks.
  • DONATE workshop materials such as paper, markers, and safer-sex supplies (trusted distributors only). Email to request the entire wishlist.
  • Send KIND WORDS of encouragement to Free, simple, yet go a long way.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for funding better sex education for youth.