*Work in Progress*

Explicit Permission is half educational zine / half therapeutic workbook designed to guide readers through unpacking & re-assembling the many forces that’ve influenced their relationship to their sexuality and desire.

Our enthusiastic Yeses inform consent. Clarity about what drives our desire fuels pleasurable interactions with our bodies, selves, and partners. Confidence to discard what no longer serves us unlocks us from sexual shame. Culture shifts through self-work and self-worth. Dive into it!

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Content by yours truly sex educator, columnist, and relationships therapist Yana Tallon-Hicks.

Soon to have a cover and insides hand-illustrated by incredible tattoo artist and all around fighter against sexism in tattoo culture Amelia Martin.

Also soon to be printed and bound by Lisa Hersey of local, small-batch printer Antler Editions in Holyoke, Mass.

All of Amelia’s proceed percentage will be donated to Safe Harbor Shelter for sexual & domestic assault survivors in Richmond, Virginia where she tattoos at Hold it Down Tattoo.

The finished product is going to be realllllll nice and it’ll be worth it, just like you. Will be ready in February.

Take our word for it and support it’s creation. 


Order 10 or more copies for re-sale at your organization/workshops/etc and get a 20% discount!

Contact to inquire >> y.tallonhicks@gmail.com