Ongoing sex & sexuality education for young people is proven to make a huge, positive impact on young people’s eventual sexual decision-making, consent practices, STI transmission rate, pregnancy rates and yes – even pleasure. The Dutch approach to sexuality education at all ages is a beautiful example of this and reflects that when done in a holistic manner, sex education doesn’t always need to be explicitly about sex in order to shape who we will be as sexual beings in the future.

Though Yana often writes for and teaches to an adult audience, she has years of experience working with teenaged youth in community-building settings and thinks teaching about consent, communication, safer-sex, and healthy sexual expression is one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

Yana has worked with teens for many years and was both the co-director for Rowe Center’s Senior High Camp (where she taught her first sex education workshops ever!) & the Youth Director for the Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence.

Her workshops for youth are tailored to be approachable & age-appropriate and focus on essential components of healthy sexuality and relationships for young people including consent, communication, safer sex & body-ownership. Models of comprehensive sex education such as those taught in the Netherlands show that these components make a long-lasting impact for youth in making safe, healthy & well-informed choices about sex and relationships throughout the rest of their lives.

Please see the drop-down menu for sexuality workshop options catered specifically to youth’s developmental needs such as Consent & Cookies or contact Yana for more information on how to tailor a consent and/or sexuality workshop to your specific group.

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