Big smiles teaching about my favorite lube Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula at The G-Spot & Female Ejaculation workshop, 9.13 at Oh My Sensuality Shop.

Big smiles teaching about my favorite lube Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula at The G-Spot & Vaginal Ejaculation workshop, 9.13 at Oh My Sensuality Shop.

Title: The G-Spot & Vaginal Ejaculation

Workshop Description: About one of Yana’s first-ever-taught a most near-and-dear topics, this workshop busts myths about the G-Spot & Vaginal Ejaculation (it doesn’t exist! it’s the best orgasm ever! OMG PEE!!) and leaves participants with tools and tricks to learn the female ejaculation trade.

This workshop uses sex toy floor models, lube demos and sexual anatomy 101 to teach about where this sneaky spot is, how to stimulate it (on yourself & others) and how to work towards the epic squirt.

Taking a holistic approach to female-bodied sexual pleasure, this workshop also offers information about the clitoris, the power of our sexual context, and how to talk to partners about our pleasure. Open, honest and full of humor, this workshop reminds participants to have fun as they explore the sexual pleasure packed in this little spot.

This workshop is designed for… College students, couples, a group of friends, & adults



All workshops are customizable to your particular group & goals including adding or subtracting sections to suit your audience and/or adding sections from other workshops (ie. consent), etc. Workshops listed on this site are just a few examples of the sex & sexuality topics Yana is trained to teach & talk about so please contact her if you have a particular topic in mind.

Thank you!


I got the impression that you genuinely care and are excited to pass on knowledge that will help your students discover what makes them feel good and thus, be happier and more fulfilled humans.

Nothing but rave reviews and good laughs (along with a little learning on the side). Keep up the great work!

Your workshop tonight was amazing! Thank you for all the for all the great advice! Can’t wait to go to another one!

I really appreciate the openness, positivity, naturalness and play you bring to your sharing. Really helped me find greater permission in addition to opening to new possibilities.

I so want to thank you for your workshop. We were able to go home and play with some of your suggestions. So fun and delightful. Yesterday I enjoyed the most satisfying orgasm I’ve had in nearly a year!

– Workshop Participants // Oh My Sensuality Shop // July 2015

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