"Consent is Sexy" with the student organizer/host of my Consent & Cookies workshop for Brandeis University (Feb 2016)

“Consent is Sexy” with the student organizer/host of my Consent & Cookies workshop for Brandeis University (Feb 2016)

Title: Pleasure-Based Consent for Better Sex

Workshop Description: This workshop offers a unique twist on traditional consent workshops by linking intentional, consensual communication to greater sexual pleasure. Oftentimes the command “practice consent!” can seem like a tired directive, with little attention paid to how actively practicing consent leads to better communication and therefore better sex.

This workshop acknowledges that a key aspect to consent is being informed about what we’re saying no or enthusiastically yes to. So, alongside covering the central components of consent, this interactive presentation also includes pleasure-based consent role plays that get participants practicing the skills necessary to bring consent out of this workshop and into their real-life romantic, intimate, and sexual relationships.


By leading students to collaborate on consensual language, decisions, and strategies, this workshop draws connections between sexual pleasure and active consent; two essential parts of healthy, safer, ethical, and enjoyable sexuality.

Want your workshop to include sex toy education AND consent strategies? Check out one of Yana’s most popular workshops, Hitting the Spot: Pleasure- and Consent-Based Sex Education for All.

Questions answered in this workshop include: What does good consent actually look like? What words do I use? What does that do for my partner? What does that do for me? How do I say no? How do I accept a no gracefully? How does becoming informed about communicative consent lead to greater pleasure?

This workshop is perfect for…College students, a group of friends & adults more generally

Read up: Mashable.com // Consent Makes You Better at Sex by: Yana Tallon-Hicks



All workshops are customizable to your particular group & goals. Workshops listed on this site are just a few examples of the sex & sexuality topics Yana is trained to teach & talk about so please contact her if you have a particular topic in mind.

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