Title: Hitting the Spot: Pleasure- & consent-based sex education for all

This workshop hit beyond maximum capacity at the 2015 Hampshire College CLPP Reproductive Rights Conference! Watch a highlights reel of Yana teaching this workshop!!

Workshop Description: Our formal, school-based sex education is lacking. But what about our sexual pleasure education? It’s practically non-existent. How do we learn to make ourselves and our partners feel sexual pleasure? Often by accident, often by guess-and-check, and way-too-often in ways that are terribly misinformed by Google, social mores, and sweeping generalizations about what “everyone likes”.

Hitting the Spot: Pleasure-based Sex Education for All. Hampshire College CLPP Conference. 2015.

Hitting the Spot: Pleasure-based Sex Education for All. Hampshire College CLPP Conference. 2015.

This workshop will explore how we learn about pleasure by touching on some of our most pleasurable spots – the G-Spot, C-Spot (clitoris) and P-Spot (prostate) – complete with an extensive Sex Toys 101 portion with hands-on demonstrations of sex toy floor models (vibrators, dildos, anal toys, lube, etc).

A mandatory aspect of all sexual & intimate activity, this workshop also includes a healthy dose of consent education — specifically why it’s so important, how to practice it, and reducing stumbling blocks to prioritizing communication in our sex lives.

Questions answered during this workshop include: Where are these spots? Why do they feel good? What kind of sex toys, lubricants and techniques can we use to help us make them feel good? How does actively practicing consent bring greater sexual pleasure to myself & my partners?

Walk away feeling empowered by new knowledge about how to bring yourself and your partners intentional pleasure in a straight-forward, safe and accessible environment. Propel radical sex education forward by starting in the most familiar place – with your own bodies, between your own sheets.

This workshop is designed for… College students & Adults



All workshops are customizable to your particular group & goals. Workshops listed on this site are just a few examples of the sex & sexuality topics Yana is trained to teach & talk about so please contact her if you have a particular topic in mind.

Thank you!


“Yana’s Hitting the Spot workshop was one of the most comprehensive and interactive Sex Education workshops I have ever attended. She was thorough in her explanations and provided a wide range of examples, be they tangible items, clear and anatomically accurate visuals, or personable anecdotes. She made the topic of sex—which is often stigmatized—fun, exciting and informative!”

– CLPP Conference, Hampshire College, April 2016

“Yana is a progressively-less-and-less-hidden gem, and deservingly so. We brought her to Bennington College in 2015, and when we hired her again, we had to bring chairs from another building just to seat everyone in the room. She brings a delightful presence, a genuinely inclusive experience, and a wealth of much-needed knowledge on topics of sexuall technique and identity. We’re all looking forward to seeing her on TEDx Vienna!”

– Bennington College, March 2016

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