Title: Consent & Cookies: Practicing consent with tasty snacks! © 2014 Yana Tallon-Hicks

Workshop Description: What does good consent actually look like? Somehow, this is a question left out of most consent programs. The consent education most available to young people fails to illustrate what good communication looks like in real life: What words do I use? What does that do for my partner? What does that do for me? How do I say no? How do I accept a no gracefully? They say “consent is sexy” but how do I make it so? Many consent programs can manage to leave these questions unanswered.

Consent & Cookies© 2014 Yana Tallon-Hicks // Brandeis University // Feb 2016

Consent & Cookies© 2014 Yana Tallon-Hicks // Brandeis University // Feb 2016

This workshop dives into central components of consent to explore the many aspects of our relationships influencing our ease of asking for & giving consent (such as gender & power dynamics) as well as practical tools and techniques (what do I say? how do I say it?) for bringing consent into our everyday relational and sexual interactions.

This workshop includes Yana’s signature Consent Cookie activity traditionally used with youth that has also proven to be ideal for college students who may benefit from a more light-hearted, hands-on introduction to consent practices combined with more mature consent content suited for young adults.

Bringing collegiate consent concepts and hands-on demonstrations together, this workshop breaks down the linguistic, mental & emotional barriers standing in the way of creating a culture of consensual communication on our campuses, in our communities and in our own bedrooms in ways both meaningful & approachable.

This workshop is perfect for…College students & Adults

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Consent & Cookies Educators live across the U.S. and even in Canada and South Africa!

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All of the people on this list have completed my Consent & Cookies webinar training for sex educators, teachers & facilitators. During this webinar, I taught these educators how to host my popular workshop Consent & Cookies for high school aged youth and/or college students including how to facilitate my lesson plan, utilize the workshop materials provided, and successfully teach Consent & Cookies in their own personal style to your group of students!

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Testimonials for this workshop:

Yana Tallon-Hicks was engaging and authentic. Her material is incredibly accessible and fun!

The activity where we brainstormed how our collective “porn brain” obstructs consent was really eye-opening! I loved the cookie-building activity.

My group felt a little awkward talking about consent at first but Yana’s humor helped make it feel fun and natural.

A lot of my friends who were guys came up to me after the workshop and said:

“I feel a lot more confident talking about consent now.”

“It really clicked once I started making cookies for my partner. It was fun!”

It was really impactful. I just went to just go hang out with some TRONS (the name of our men’s ultimate team) but I ended up learning a lot. People always say you have to ask for consent but they never say how.

– Consent & Cookies // Brandies University // February 2016

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