Pleasure-Based Consent for Better Sex

Marlboro College

Tuesday, November 7th at 6:45pm in the World Studies Lounge.

This class is open to all Marlboro College students however is closed to the public.

This workshop offers a unique twist on traditional consent workshops by linking intentional, consensual communication to greater sexual pleasure. Oftentimes the command “practice consent!” can seem like a tired directive, with little attention paid to how actively practicing consent leads to better communication and therefore better sex.

Hitting the Spot // Bennington College // March 2016

This workshop acknowledges that a key aspect to consent is being informed about what we’re saying no or enthusiastically yes to. So, alongside covering the central components of consent, this interactive presentation also includes a brief sex toys 101 complete with hands-on demonstrations of sex toy floor models (vibrators, dildos, anal toys, etc) and an introduction to pleasurable spots (the clitoris, G-spot & prostate) to highlight how consent plays an integral role in sexual pleasure and partnered intimacy.

By simultaneously learning about consent strategies and about toys and pleasurable spots, this workshop gets participants practicing the skills necessary to bring consent out of this workshop and into their real-life romantic, intimate, and sexual relationships. See you at Marlboro College!

Questions answered in this workshop include: What does good consent actually look like? What words do I use? What does that do for my partner? What does that do for me? How do I say no? How do I accept a no gracefully? How do I use all of these cool sex toys and what does that have to do with consent? How does becoming informed about communicative consent lead to greater pleasure?

Yana Tallon-Hicks is a relationships therapist as well as a consent, sex & sexuality writer & educator living in Northampton, MA. Her YanaMay2016-34work centers around the belief that pleasure-positive & consent-based sex education can positively impact our lives and the world.

Yana’s workshops work to create a welcoming & comfortable space for all to explore crucial aspects of our holistic, sexual selves such as pleasure, communication, consent & the body using humor, relateability, and experience as key teaching tools.

Read more about Yana & her work here, where you can also read her sex advice column & watch her TEDxTalk: Is the Porn Brain Our New Sex Educator?

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