#SILO: Dumped in the digital age

So, you just got dumped. If you have a cell phone, a laptop or any kind of social media presence, your life just got real hard. There’s always something there to remind you of your ex.

I recently read an article that depressingly informed me that “Facebook knows you’re single before you do” because of the frantic way in which new singles post to the social media platform, desperately reaching out to “connect.”

Nearly all of my friends and I found ourselves newly single this past fall. Properly addicted to social media as we all are, #SILO was born.

#SILO became our jaded single ladies rallying cry. A response to #YOLO (“You Only Live Once”), the overly peppy, popular hashtag and acronym used to celebrate living life to its fullest, i.e. “I just went skydiving! #YOLO.” #SILO, in contrast, stands for “Single and Lonely” and is used to celebrate all of all the things you can do now that you’re single and to share your indulgent self-care strategies. If you want to punch your happily-coupled friends in the face while they #YOLO all over the Internet with their love and date-night selfies, then #SILO is for you. Continued…