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If you’ve ever choked down a dry, butterless piece of toast, you probably understand the unpleasantness of lube-leIMG_9659ss sex. If you’re like millions of other vagina-owners who’ve spent years wading through the deep waters of sexual shame that say you’re either self-soaking or you’re a useless, dried-up sandbox (ahem, Ms. Rousey), then you’ve probably also choked down that dry, butterless piece of toast with a fake smile plastered on your face all “Mmm, yes, this is delicious — this doesn’t feel like dry-shaving my legs at all….”.

Whether you’re gushing at first glance or squeezing every last drop out of a bedside bottle, wetter is better when it comes to sex. Lubricants reduce tissue-tearing friction, enhance sexual pleasure, and are essential when it comes to sexing with tushies or toys. Here’s how to shop for the best body-butter to slather on your toasty bits:…continue reading…


Vaginally High and Dry

At my last vaginal exam, the doctor could barely get her fingers inside and absolutely couldn’t insert the speculum. She said that I had vaginal atrophy. I’m in my late 50s and my doctor suggested hormone replacement therapy. I am interested in bio-identical hormones, but have been utterly unsuccessful in finding doctors who prescribe this and it doesn’t seem to be covered by insurance. What’s your suggestion for vaginal atrophy?

Before I get started, let’s note that I’m not a doctor. Furthermore, I’m doling out this advice from my 29-year-old ivory, self-moistening tower, where my vagina and I are sitting pretty, pretending that menopause will never happen to us, so I can only imagine your frustrations.

As I’ve already confessed to self-denial, the truth is time will eventually leave us all vaginally high-and-dry. Vaginal Atrophy (VA) causes chronic vaginal dryness, pain, and bleeding during intercourse, as well as vaginal itching and soreness during and after menopause due to declining levels of estrogen. VA affects 50-80 percent of post-menopausal folks…continue reading…