OH MY SENSUALITY SHOP. Northampton, Ma. | A female-friendly sex toy shop where 18-year-old Yana bought her first dildo EVER.

Now Yana’s main cheerleading squad, nearly all of the sex toy floor models Yana teaches with come from Oh My’s selection & their comfortable, open shop is Yana’s main workshop space.

(Also, the ONLY place Yana buys lube in The Valley).

shebopSHE BOP. Portland, Or. | A female-friendly sex toy boutique for every body. Yana worked here!


THE PROGRESSIVE PLEASURE CLUB. | A club of brick-and-mortar, queer- and woman-owned sex toy shops selling carefully curated selections of safe & quality sex products.


GOOD VIBRATIONS. San Francisco, CA. | The groundbreaking sex toy store to start all female-friendly sex toy stores. Yana’s first ever sex toy selling gig!

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