image2Polyamory & Open Relationships 201:

Designing & Sustaining your Non-Monogamous Relationships

Thursday, November 17th

6:30-8:30pm // $20 // 18+ // limited seating

Downtown Northampton

{exact location details will be given after ticket purchase or upon request by emailing}



Workshop Description:

Jealousy, communication, crafting agreements, repairing relationship mis-steps — creating our own, designer relationships outside of the traditions & confines of monogamy is hard work! This 201 non-monogamous relationships workshop will aid participants in creating their own map through the rocky landscape that is crafting & continuing sustainable, non-monogamous relationships tailored to fit all partners involved.

Tackling common challenges unique to non-monogamy such as managing jealousy, creating solid relationship agreements, and communicating clearly about your needs and wants, this workshop is intended to provide space and structure for those already familiar with non-monogamy to fine-tune their relationships, work out some kinks that have arisen in their non-monogamous practice, or simply hone in on the unique skills that help non-monogamous relationships flourish rather than flounder.

Central components to this workshop include skills for understanding our jealousy better in order to manage it more effectively and in-depth work around crafting agreements that are sustainable, ethical, and reflective of our ideal partnerships.

This workshop will also offer time & space for sharing & discussion of participant experiences as this has been oft reflected as a need in the growing non-monogamous community — a place to speak, share, and learn from each other about these highly individual relationship styles.

Participants should bring a pen and notebook as each person will walk away with a customized collection of worksheets & reflections to take home.

This workshop focuses on partnered non-monogamy styles as these are the most commonly practiced by folks new to non-monogamy however all are welcome as the skills learned in the workshop are easily applied to other styles of non-monogamy as well. Single folks, partners, couples, triads — all relationship configurations and styles welcome! Attending with your partners, metamours, etc. is encouraged but not required!

Do your homework! This workshop is designed as a continuation of my November 10th workshop Polyamory & Open Relationships 101 and will build off assignments given in that workshop. People who did not attend Poly 101 are more than welcome to attend Poly 201 but please email me for some helpful homework assignments to do before the workshop!

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Workshop Rules:

This workshop aims to be open to all sexual identities, orientations and bodies & is taught with the belief that our sexual experiences & selves exist on a spectrum. Yana’s workshops work to create a welcoming & comfortable space for all to explore crucial aspects of our holistic, sexual selves such as pleasure, communication, consent & the body. All participants are reminded to help in the creation of this safe space by refraining from substances & come-ons during the workshop and to use mindful language when asking questions or making comments.

About the Presenter:

Yana Tallon-Hicks is a pleasure-positive sex writer and educator who’s been stumbling her way throughYanaMay2016-22polyamorous, monogamous, open, and clopen relationships for over a decade.

Yana is a Hampshire College graduate (’08) and currently studies Marriage & Family Therapy at Antioch University on her path to becoming a sex therapist. She practices couples and relationship counseling at Couples Center of the Pioneer Valley as their MFT graduate student intern for reduced, sliding scale fees where she sees couples and individuals across the spectrum of identity, sexuality & relationships.

Her sex writings have appeared in both national and local publications and can be found most regularly in her weekly sex column, The V-Spot, on the back page of the Valley Advocate.

Read more about Yana on her About Me page.


“Thank you! It is so important to create spaces for people to initiate their own learning and exploration of potentially scary topics (and you did so in such an open, endearing & light way!”

“Your workshop gave [my partner & I] openings and direction for some really great conversations last night and moving forward. Deeply grateful, not only for the info, but your ‘style’. It’s so permissive and invitational. Your modeling always helps me find my own permission to move beyond my limits and assumptions with more freedom and curiosity. You really helped me understand a more helpful framework to navigate my emotions in relationship to exploring poly”. 

– Polyamory & Open Relationships // Easthampton Co.Lab // February 2016

“Wheaton Sexual Health Advocacy Group loved having Yana come and do her Polyamory 101 Workshop with our community. She was so inclusive in the content of her workshop and her language. We look forward to inviting her back to Wheaton in the future to experience more of the workshops and talks she has to offer”

– Wheaton College // November 2015