What the Fuck?

Sex issues that’ve stumped ya.

Sexual dynamics whether solo or partnered are shifting, complex, multifaceted experiences that can be hard to talk about and/or find quality information about. If you’ve got a question related to sex or sexuality that you’d like to get my opinion or advice about, these coaching sessions were made for you.

Appointments on Wednesday 2/21, Thursday 2/22 & Friday 2/23

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Mini Coaching Sessions are short-and-sweet, online coaching sessions done on video chat via Skype or GoogleChat.

Mini Coaching Sessions are done on a pop-up basis, announced on Yana’s Instagram, and are based on a theme (for example, Sex & Your Attachment Style, or Managing Jealousy in Non-Monogamy, or Orgasm Difficulties, etc).

Mini Coaching Sessions cost $40 for 30 minutes.

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