Meet the Sex Educator Intern!

Emmett DuPont, Sex Educator Intern

Emmett DuPont (they/them), is a first-generation college student at Hampshire College and a lifelong unschooler.

Emmett is fourth-generation queer spawn, and is a program facilitator and organizer at COLAGE, the nation’s largest community for children of LGBTQ- and polyamorous-parented families. They have presented at True Colors Conference, run programming for LGBTQ youth, and are a sex ed facilitator.

Emmett currently works at Civil Liberties and Public Policy, a reproductive justice and abortion rights organization. Emmett lives at intersections of queerness, transness and disability, and is an enthusiastic educator around these and other topics. In the future, Emmett hopes to pursue social work with transgender youth and continue their work around queer, trans and sex education.

About Emmett’s Internship!

Emmett will be spending their Fall 2016 semester assisting Yana with her sex education workshops by collaborating on workshop development & curriculum, facilitating activities & content, handling communications, and sure — lugging around boxes of sex toy floor models, lube, condoms & zines!

They will be trained in the details of educating adults, college students & youth about topics such as sex, sexuality, sex toys and consent; they will learn all that happens behind-the-scenes of working as an independent sex educator; and will also likely facilitate workshops of their own design at some point during the semester.

Ask the Intern!

Emmett will also be providing guest blog posts here on the website! To ask Emmett a sex, relationship or other relevant advice question for them to answer here on the blog, send us an email with the subject ASK THE INTERN.


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