Title: Backdoor Exploring: Beginners Anal Sex

Workshop Description:

Anal sex for all bodies (and especially prostate play for male bodies) is becoming more acceptable, less taboo and more enticing – but how do you DO it? Learn about all the orgasmic pleasures hidden in yours & your partners’ rear entrance in this introductory workshop to exploring all varieties of anal sex.

This workshop aims to ease classic fears associated with anal sex (“What if it hurts?” “But I’m straight!” “OMG POOP!!”). From the perfect prostate-hitting plugs, to which lube to use, and even how to peg your boyfriend, this workshop will give participants the set of keys they need to unlock & explore the backdoor with caring, curiosity & confidence via learning with hands-on demonstrations of sex toy floor models, lubes, and partner communication strategies.

This workshop aims to be open to all sexual identities, orientations and bodies & is taught with the belief that our sexual experiences & selves exist on a spectrum. However, this workshop can be modified to focus on specifically-gendered groups by request.

Yana’s workshops work to create a welcoming & comfortable space for all to explore crucial aspects of our holistic, sexual selves such as pleasure, communication, consent & the body.

This workshop is designed for… College students, Adults, Couples.



All workshops are customizable to your particular group & goals including adding or subtracting sections to suit your audience and/or adding sections from other workshops (ie. consent), etc. Workshops listed on this site are just a few examples of the sex & sexuality topics Yana is trained to teach & talk about so please contact her if you have a particular topic in mind.

Thank you!

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